New Center OnSTAGE: The Moo Shu Jew Show



Back for a fourth year by popular demand, this Meshugganah show was created for Jews to enjoy on Christmas Eve — where else, but in a Chinese Restaurant?  Join us for an evening of Jewish inspired stand-up comedy along with dinner (no shellfish, no pork!).

As slowly the world has started realizing the power of the Bitcoins, more people are interested in owning and growing it to enjoy a solid financial future. What better way than the trading is available to grow your Bitcoins that too when you have the support of the technology to achieve it effortlessly and flawlessly! Yes, there are many automated cryptocurrency trading systems available these days, which can do the accurate trading on your behalf and only gain the profitability, all the times! But, beware of the scammers, who are desperate to loot your money, for which the following significant suggestions can help you greatly.

  • Look for the reviews

Any system, especially that claims to be so popular should have at least the backing of its few followers, which you should never hesitate to confirm before deciding to accept its services. The authentic review sites of the internet world are only there to help you regarding this, which you should utilize to discover the authenticity of your interested platform.


  • Money should never be the motto

Although both the automated cryptocurrency trading services and you are here to earn money, it should never be at the cost of the other, which happens when the service is a shady one. Therefore, check if the service is whether keen about your money or keen on helping you grow your cryptocurrency investments and if it is the former then, better to stay away from it, forever!


  • Transparency

The service that you choose to realize your cryptocurrency trading ambitions should be transparent about their policies and procedures so that you could decide the best for you.


  • Customer support

If a service is keen about addressing your concerns anytime then, they would function with a dedicated Customer Support service, which is certainly a cue for you to understand that the service and its system are the authentic ones, always!

Wondering if such a system exists? Go on to read full review to discover yourselves!

PARKING INFORMATION: Chinatown Garage – CLICK HERE for more info! ADDRESS: 125 Lincoln St, Boston, MA 02111 Entrance: 86 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111 Enter after 5 PM for $12 Parking. CLICK HERE for a Google Map of other parking lots in the area.  Moo-Shu-MenuComedians

What is the best bet to make money

Online trading is not something new. We have seen it for many years. What is new; are the strategy used and the various instruments that have come along. Online trading has its own merits and demerits. They are obviously easy to use since they give the comfort of trading from anywhere and at any time.

With online trading made available, forex trading and binary trading options have taken prominence. They are the most traded ones since there are various privileges comparatively.

Forex trading and binary trading options basically are time and geographic free. They are available 24*7 and can be done from any nook and corner of the globe. They have the potential to get great returns unlike the equity trading, which takes a longer time to give great returns. There is one similarity with equity trading, that it is risky and volatile.

Talking about volatile we can say bitcoin beats all of them. Bitcoin is one of the most trending trading options now, giving, multifold returns, in fact, whopping numbers that can make anyone fall for it.

The surge is so high that the demand has been increasing excessively leaving no choice but to soar the prices of the bitcoin held, making the investors wealthier. Have you ever thought about investing in bitcoin? Well, it needs close researching and analysis. As we said, it’s already soaring high, the sooner you leave the better.

So, what is the best bet to make money, keeping the risks on an average? Binary trading!! So, which platform is good?

This is the biggest challenge that has to be solved and sorted out. There are many platforms and software’s out there in the market, to assist you in the binary trading. But not all are really true, they are fake ones, and you will know only after entering in. that means you have already lost the battle.

How do you find out which is good? Well, leave the job to us and we have done a good justice. After all research we have found the newcomer, Snapcash to be the best binary trading option in the market. With success ratio going close to 99%, and the legit part is true, we can’t stop referring this to people who are really in the need of a genuine product that delivers nothing but great returns, without faking. You can login here for further information on the platform and learn for yourself, why we are praising the product.

Online binary trading options for bitcoin trading

Health is wealth, said once a great man! Indeed its true to date!! It’s the only wealth that can never be erased or taken away. Materialistic wealth is the one that needs a lot of care, protection and security and much more. Health is something that is within us, which needs only our time and a little bit of money, in case you are going out to workout.

Though everybody knows this, the run and race to amass more wealth are on and on forever! Many run and race for genuine reasons, like to suffice their kids’ education and future, while others few run to amass wealth to stay luxuriously. Well, each one is right in their own way, each one has their own perspective on life and money and they need to live up to that.

Now, the question is to make way to earn that money, be it for genuine education purpose or to buy that brand new luxury car. There are multiple ways to earn extra money, in this technologically evolved world. But, not all give the money on time and give you the assurance for money.

Who can sustain for long period without money? And if we are doing it so, then it can be classified under charity and not expect any returns. But that can’t be the situation. We need a guarantee of our money and the way should also be a legal one.

Well, to help you out on this, there is one best way out, trading. The binary trading options are the best way that will solve your problems and be the way you just want it to be. We know, you might be getting jitters with the name of trading. But, hold on, trading isn’t all that scary.

If you have the aggression to do it, then you can do it by all means. All you need is the right path to proceed, which is obviously available in plenty online. The full report of online binary trading options for bitcoin trading is here, at the website. You will see the ranking of even bitcoin trading software and their reviews, to enable you to take the right decision. With increasing number of people speculating growth on bitcoins, that enable you to amass wealth in the long term, or short term.

Bitcoins, for now, are in the short term. It can’t be considered as an investment though, but a good way to make money.

Trading robot for making investments

Steven Abrahams is the owner and creator of a successful trading app known as Tesler trading system. This application is very highly rated and turns an ordinary person into millionaires in just six months of the time the statement was given by them is not at all fake as only one trade goes wrong out of 98 trades performed by the automated system in their software. Their software is so sophisticated with lead pattern algorithm which has the ability to study the changes and fluctuations in the market and place a trade if the rate of success is 93% and above only.

Steven has contracted a software developer firms called 4 advanced for development of this forex trading application as they were quite good and famous in programming and development of applications. Tesler system is a completely automated online trading robot for making investments. The lead pattern that is being used in Tesler app is patent-pending also have a special feature that starts analyzing of trade before the successful trade expires to know what are the factors and variables that lead to the success of trade which would be helpful for future reference. According to major studies, this application can generate a profit of $5, 7000 for every 24 hours to both the experienced and novice investors. The creator of application states that it only loses one trade out of 98 trades performed and it has restriction making only 12 trades per hour and the maximum investment the automated robot can invest is $85 per trade.

Tesler app is a reliable and legit software and one can trust them with total confidence by having a glance at their user testimonials which have turned to be completely positive on our survey users claimed the software to be very easy to use and the automated system in the application is definitely a pro compared to another forex robot as it has the ability to analyze hundreds of charts and tables within minutes and make decision send signals on screen to perform trade.

The creator of this software invites people to join Beta-testers which is also called as Tesler 2, the person who joins it first will have a free access until 41 days later if the person wants to continues he will be taxed 0.5% of trader’s profit per day this is the best thing a forex trading application do and their software is highly profitable.

Invest in the high/low option in the direction

The binary options trading had started as a plain call/put options traditionally in the very initial days. As time passed different binary options contracts have got evolved which has given a chance for different types of binary options to come into existence. Different types of trade profiles and the risks that are involved in the type of binary options trading are taken into consideration to differentiate the wide range of binary options trading. Since there is a lot of options that are offered which caters to types of trades, one must understand all these types since it is essential before they blindly start trading using one of the types that are available. Different types of option’s expiries are explained as follows:

  1. High/low options
  2. Touch options
  3. Boundary options
  4. Short term expiry options

High/Low Binary Options

This type of binary options is another name for the traditional binary option which is the call/put options. This type of options is very simple, all you need to do is a gamble. You need to decide if the price of an instrument during the closing time will be above the price at which the contract had entered or if the price will be lower during the closing time than the strike price. One of the easiest types of binary options trading is call/put options type of trading. They have a lot of varieties of expiry dates and times to choose from which typically offers the return of 60-70% of the invested amount. You can discover more here.

There are certain strategies you can follow in this high/low binary options trading to successfully trade

  1. Trading the breakout
  2. Trading moving average crossover
  3. Swing trading
  • Trading The Breakout: This is one of the most commonly used strategies for binary options trading. Whenever a market completes a chart pattern, like a continuous pattern, a reverse pattern or any significant event in a trade is known as breakouts.


There have Been a lot of controversial traders who have placed stop orders or limit orders, which all point in the same direction as these points. There is a sudden flow of supply or demand when the market triggers the price level which in turn triggers these orders. This rush in the flow of supply and demand will create a strong movement known as breakout


Invest in the high/low option in the direction of the expected breakout before the market reaches critical price level. Also, make sure you keep that expiration time short so that your option expires while the breakout is still dominating the market.

Binary trading platforms charges

Everyone has their own perspective about bitcoins. It’s obvious that it’s one of the trending trading options right now and will be here for another couple of years or months until the trend falls off. One can make huge money with it.

But, how can you make huge profits with it? Is trading the cryptocurrencies that easy? In that case, then everybody would have been a billionaire!!

Well, that’s not the case. Bitcoin trading needs little more of attention and best trading platform to keep you updated about the latest strategies. Here is one of the best binary options robot, much suited for bitcoin trading, the bitcoin code!

Why use binary trading option for bitcoin trading?

The reason is that the algorithms used in the binary option trading platforms are much faster and works close to perfection than any other trading software. This gives even the newbie to trade in the market without any experience and knowledge. They allow the trader or the investor to trade like a pro, without the fear of sinking down. The signal given by the auto-pilot trading platform is used to proceed ahead in trading and make surplus profits.

How to start the trading?

In binary options platform, you will have to set your preferences in the software. Setting the preferences like the minimum amount of trade, maximum amount, and the maximum amount that can be afforded to be lost and so on.

You can also set your trade volume limit and with all these, you are good to go in any pro software or a basic one.

Does it charge any brokerage?

You enter with a small deposit amount and that includes all. While there are few of the robots that are free, but internally they will take a share of your profits. So, go for the systems that are transparent and gives clarity on how much you are earning and the losses. There are many brokers who use this tool to implement binary trading at their end. Not all are accurate and genuine. Hence make a check before you jump.

What is the earning?

You can earn up to $13k per week, or say up to 5k$ per day. Isn’t that great?? To reap that huge amount, you need to make a small deposit before you start. It depends on each firm or platform.

Deposit amount:

Most of the binary trading platforms charges start from $200, $250. They might extend up to $400 and not beyond.

Trace out the trading transaction

Online transactions have now become the thing of past. There has been a tremendous improvement in the direction and there is much that you can do online, more than just transactions and other activities.

We all have lots of thoughts and little knowledge about trading. We have heard many people talk about gaining double profit with trading, sometimes the profit reaching multiple folds of the investment. Trading as many of us know is investing in stock markets, in the stocks of various companies and gaining profit when the company performs well.

The trading platforms have been enabled by many companies and some individual persons as well. But, not all are very easy to use and get accustomed to. There are few of the platforms that are very difficult to analyze and learn to adapt to. It becomes difficult to trace out the trading transaction and get eth profit details.

That’s when many people tried a hand at the trading robots, which are automated to get the desired results. Binary option is the biggest option in trading that has the potential to get you great returns. But, at the same time, one needs to be careful of getting associated with the right and genuine firm to get the returns, otherwise, it becomes another story of loss and grief.

Online trading robot enables you to save time and assists you in making informed decisions. You needn’t log in every now and then to check your stocks and their returns. The autopilot trading robot does all the work for you.

Bitcoin code is one of the trending trading options now, ahead of us. There is a lot of money in the air. We see people emerging billionaires with bitcoin trading and have become to be the biggest traders of all time. It is all a game of speculation and gambling. The more the demand, higher the price and greater is the exposure.

Its natural human tendency to chase the markets, to try to reap returns when the market is soaring. It sometimes backfires and gets you under loses. Hence you need to be careful about the way and time you enter the markets. Never enter without a goal and a strategy. Bitcoin is obviously one of the lucrative ways to make money, but not only the best.

To stay on the wagon, you need to know about bitcoins, why it’s been traded and why the sudden boom and also what is the projected path to it? Without all this knowledge, if you follow the herd mentality, then the loss is sure to be on your side.

Exploring the Jewish Imagination through Arts and Culture

he New Center for Arts and Culture celebrates the rich diversity of the Jewish imagination. The only Boston organization of its kind, the New Center explores universal themes through a Jewish lens, presenting world-class thinkers and artists through riveting conversations and performances. Aiming to strengthen the Jewish community and share the vitality of Jewish culture with a broad audience in Boston and beyond, the New Center delves into Jewish thought and culture through three strands of programming:

The success rate of binary options trading depends on which robot you choose. It depends on how legitimate the robot you are using is if it is a legit robot you will have a winning profit.  If the investor does not do the research and without any knowledge sign up for all the binary options robot that is offered then you do so at your own risk. If you think that you do not have the time and energy to do all the investigation necessary, you can read the unbiased investors reviews that are present on the official website.


New Center LIVE!

Our signature series explores the Jewish imagination through provocative conversation. Featuring the most acclaimed and original Jewish writers, artists, musicians, political figures and humorists  New Center LIVE! offers lively, revealing conversations about their lives and work and also  invites authentic give-and-take with  audience members. New Yorker cartoon editor Robert Mankoff, New York Times architecture critic Paul Goldberger, and CNN commentator Bill Schneider in conversation with political statistician Nate Silver and composer Osvaldo Golijov are among the thought leaders sharing their  takes on culture high and low.

New Center OnStage


Reflecting the insight, passion, humanity and humor of Jewish culture, New Center OnStage explores the Jewish imagination through inspiring performance. Innovative theatrical, musical, dance and artistic presentations take center stage to unveil a variety of talents: Hershey Felder, channelling Maestro: Leonard Bernstein in the one-man musical play, and A Fine Romance, a medley of classic American songs penned by Jewish songwriters, are among the events taking the spotlight.

New Center NOW


Engaging culturally-curious young adults through spirited and educational activities, New Center NOW explores the Jewish imagination through interaction. The lively mix of events features cooking, art, dance, film, music and assorted pop culture happenings– all with a Jewish twist. Programming runs the gamut from Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen, an annual food tasting with Boston’s favorite chefs adding new zest to traditional Jewish recipes, to the adventures of fabricating glass dreidles and partaking in Jewishly-inspired yoga. All New Center NOW programs are conceived and planned by our young adult leadership.

Bitcoin code is a legit and reliable software

Bitcoin code trading is used to auto trade bitcoins and find out fluctuations and changes that are made in cryptocurrency market using their sophisticated and highly rated algorithm. This advanced technology software was created by Steve McKay who is well experienced in the financial market. It is highly capable and powerful software which is mainly used in cryptocurrency exchange market. It is a most powerful robot in the market which can make huge and constant profits and experienced, novices can use this software very easily. It has been most trusted software which can be said by having look at the user testimonials which are 100% positive which takes the capability of an application to next level.

Signing-up with application is easy and hassle-free process as all you need to do is provide basic details like name, e-mail address and telephone number on which an external link is sent to traders inbox which is redirected and you can complete the details and deposit initial fund of $250 and make profits by investing them on an asset may be manually or by using auto-pilot mode. There are no additional software downloads required to operate the application as the robot is 100% web-based application and can be operated on any operating system like ios, windows, mac or android. And can be opened on any system (phone, laptop, pc or tablet) but the must thing you should have is a high-speed internet connection.

Bitcoin code is a legit and reliable software unlike many other software or robots in the market. When we were conducting survey, we did not find a serious issues or major complaints, in fact, the traders who are already using mentioned the payouts were on time constant, the rate of success for trade is about 95% and payments or withdrawals can be done using different methods like master card, Citibank, HSBC, Neteller etc. Unique features of bitcoin code system: can manage the level of risk by setting the parameters on how many trades to perform in a day for auto-pilot mode. Some special features are there which prevents back to back losses which will stop losing funds and save the investors from the crisis. Full review can be seen on their official website.

Customer service of the bitcoin code is available round clock and constant, the staff are very humble and polite and they can guide traders in various languages including English. International clients are assured of high-quality service.


Computer-controlled machines are less expensive

The most awaited evolution of the Wall Street is finally happening, benefitting the investing community abundantly! If you are wondering what could be that then, here’s the answer for your puzzlement which is the acceptance of the Artificial Intelligence Technology. The A.I has already influenced most of the prominent industries of the world like the Automobile Industry and the Manufacturing Industry only to offer the growth, prosperity, and popularity like never before. Finally, these benefits are about to happen in the Finance and the Investment industry, as the industry is keener to embrace the Artificial Intelligence technology to hasten its development.

Although an absolute A.I trading system is still in the wraps, a more rudimentary form of the same in the name of powerful trading robots have already started to dominate the market offering the unrestricted benefits for the traders. As stated already, these robots are the fundamental form of the Artificial Intelligence technology offering only to ‘think’ on behalf of the humans and not interact or respond to your commands orally. But their flawless thinking is what more important for this investment industry, which can ensure the risk-free benefits, all the times.

Also, the main aim of the people venturing the trading practices is to earn more money, which can be absolutely ensured by this A. I empowered systems that can accurately predict the market movements to only offer you the profitable benefits, all the time. Thus, you need not anymore toil yourself for the mediocre returns while you can effortlessly enjoy the superlative profits by embracing this superlative technology, anytime.

Embracing the A.I empowered trading platforms aka the trading bots has lot many benefits other than the profitability, which is availability, undemanding, affordability, reliability, speed and so on.

  • Availability

Actually, you only have to set your preferences once and the system will take care of the rest on its own without demanding your attention and therefore, your trading could happen as long as the market survives without any interruption.

  • Undemanding

You are not required to sacrifice your sleep to monitor the market movements anymore as the system can do that and much more on its own, which leaves you with an undemanding trading practice all the times.

  • Affordability

These computer-controlled machines are less expensive than the human brokers and if you are smart you can even enjoy their services for free by looking at the right place for further information

  • Reliability

The system’s predictions are 100% reliable when you choose the services of a reliable system.

  • Speed

Do we need to say anything regarding the speed of the computer? Just one thing, humans are never a match for it and we leave the judgment to you!