We’ve all heard the miracle of Chanukah – scant oil burning for eight days instead of one.  But what was the commotion about in the first place? Tradition teaches that the conflict was over King Antiochis’ decision to build an altar for Zeus in the Jewish Temple. But scholars now believe the revolt was actually a civil war between Hellenized Jews adopting Greek culture and the conservative Maccabees fighting to preserve Jewish traditions.

Join Prism as we draw inspiration from this ancient conflict and explore its themes
in today’s contemporary world.


December 1 – 8, from 1 PM – 7 PM at the Mobius Gallery (725 Harrison Ave., Boston)

Ongoing visual arts exhibition that features artwork celebrating the themes of Chanukah and the concept of assimilation and cultural preservation.

Wednesday December 1 @ 6 PM – Opening Reception @ Mobius Gallery (725 Harrison Ave., Boston)

Meet the artists as they lead you through the exhibit. Enjoy a reception featuring light fare and live music.

Thursday December 2 @ 8 PM – Oil Tasting @ Mobius Gallery (725 Harrison Ave., Boston)

Come and take part in a blind tasting of exotic and delicious olive oils, as Formaggio Kitchen joins Prism to present a new take on that Chanukah staple: oil.

Sunday December 5 @ 6 PM – Trivia Night @ Estragon

Test your Jewish trivia knowledge and enjoy delicious tapas at Estragon (700 Harrison Ave).                                                                      

Wednesday December 8 @ 7:30pm – Story Slam @ Mobius Gallery (725 Harrison Ave., Boston)

Come and hear hilarious and insightful tales as Prism and Four Stories team up to present some of Boston’s exciting story tellers talking about their own cultural assimilation and heritage.