Check out what the chefs are updating for this great event!

Teiglach Teiglach Honey Dessert Journeyman Diana Kudayarova
and Tse Wei Lim
Corn Beef Sandwich on Rye Duck pastrami “sandwhich” with red cabbage confit, rye brioche and apple mustard American Seasons Michael LaScola
Potato Pancake Cold smoked cherry wood salmon with potato apple galette with whole grain mustard horseradish remoulade OM Restaurant & Lounge Michael Madden
Bagel & Lox Caraway & matzah cake with hot smoked arctic char, vermont fromage & micro celery Russell House Tavern Michael Scelfo
Kasha Varnishkas Kasha Varnishkas with our homemade pasta and gesiers confit Craigie on Main Tony Maws
Brisket Brisket braised in pomegrante juice, served with pomegranate seeds and onion confit Estragon Julio de Haro
Potato Pancake Potato pancake with smoke white fish & Chive Stella Evan Deluty
Traditional Sephardic Passover Eggplant Stew Rich, smoky blend of grilled eggplant, roasted garlic and tomato Lala Rokh, Bin 26, Enoteca and BiNA osteria Chef Azita Bina-Seibel
Mun “poppy seed”
Oreo Mun Cookies Lumiere Michael Leviton
Chanukah “sufganiyot” donut Apple donuts with trio of dipping sauces – caramel, chocolate and sticky cider The Fireplace Jim Solomon
Knishes Braised Lamb Knishes with Sweet Roasted Tomato Chutney Upstairs on the Square Steven Brand
Blintz Tamales De Chocolate with a sweet fruit topping Ole Erwin Ramos
Borscht Pickled Winter Beet Salad with Housemade Ricotta, Fresh Basil & Blood Orange Eastern Standard & Lineage Jeremy Sewall
Purim Moscardini Almond Cranberry Biscotti La Morra Josh Ziskin
Tzimmes Japanese Yam Tempura Maki and Grilled Shitake Mushroom Sushi Oishii Ting Yen