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 New Center LIVE! Lexington: Call of Duty with Joe Klein



November 16, 2015

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In his new book, Charlie Mike, celebrated journalist and author Joe Klein illuminates a little known side of the aftermath of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, a story of compassion, resilience, and service. Wounded in Iraq, Eric Greitens, a Jewish Navy SEAL and Rhodes Scholar, returns home and discovers a new band of comrades—veterans determined to continue serving their communities, their country, and the world, despite their injuries. Greitens creates The Mission Continues, an organization that supports and inspires wounded soldiers to do public service work. Klein talks about Greitens’ story, as well as that of one of The Mission Continues first fellows, Marine sergeant Jake Wood, and the courageous ways that wounded veterans are redefining service. Joe Klein is the bestselling author of Primary Colors and a columnist for Time magazine.