Interest in binary options trading

The QProfit System software is a scam just like 1G Profit, Profits Unlimited and Speed Trader. As per the video on the homepage of the website the creator of this website is Jerry Douglas and launched it in September 2017. This software claims of making huge profits in less time which is not true and has been proved time and again as this also uses similar platform used by lots of other scam sites. All the brokers and agents mentioned in this are unregistered which means that they are not legit. This review at will explain in detail.

The partner that Jerry Douglas mentions who helped him in developing this software Sasha Petroshenko is an unknown person and not to be found anywhere. We all know that this software has been launched recently, there are a lot of indications which show that this is not real and it is not a good option to choose. One main thing you can learn by using this website is that you can educate yourself about Forex and CFD Investments which will help you in making profitable trades in future.

The software makes use of the third party as well and hence service provided by the software may have errors, it might malfunction, might get delayed data and the software cannot control this. If in case you decide to use the third party’s services the negotiation is considered by the user and the third party and the software is not responsible for any loss.

The software security enforcement policies mention that if there is any attempt of unauthorized use of the website the person may be convicted as a criminal and has to face the legal consequences. The website has full freedom to view, monitor and record all the activities without the notice and without the permission of the user.

The owner of this website also says that all the technologies used are approved by NASA, here is the truth for you, it doesn’t have anything to do with this software whatsoever. An agency that is specially dedicated to exploring space has no business or any interest in binary options trading. How can people believe that some scam artists can get an approval from NASA? Apart from all these claims, there is no mention of what method the software makes use of and how software processes to make trades.

If you considered the best programs for trading even they give about 80 to 90% of accuracy with a daily profit of about $1000 or sometimes even less. When the situation is like this it is really hard to believe that this software can give us a 95% of accuracy with daily returns of about $2,000.