New Center NOW: Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen

Duck confit latke, anyone? Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen is Boston’s premier Jewish food celebration, exploring the Jewish culinary imagination of the area’s best chefs.

Back for the 6th year, join hundreds at the Back Bay Events Center and enjoy inspired modern updates on traditional Jewish favorites (check out some of these delicious dishes).

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Sample beer, wine, cider, and rum, stop by the Kitchen Conversations booth to share your favorite food story, and taste the creative twists on Jewish fare from some of Boston’s top chefs and vendors.

2015 Chefs and Restaurants Include:

Tony Maws of Craigie on Main

Michael Leviton of Lumière

Josh Ziskin of La Morra

Jim Solomon of The Fireplace

Josh Brooks of Catalyst

Mei Li of
Mei Mei Street Kitchen

Dave Punch of Sycamore

Avi Shemtov of
The Chubby Chickpea

Alex Khitrik of Inna’s Kitchen

Steven Peljovich of
Michael’s Deli

Chris Hallahan ofKitchensurfing

Ganei Beantown

Kitchen Kibitz

Robin Cohen of Doves & Figs

State Park

Neely Cohen of Vicuña Chocolate

Bantam Cider

Gubba Rum

Notch Brewing

James DiSabitino of Roxy’s Grill Cheese