New Center OnStage: Jewish Playwriting Contest

After stops in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, the 4th annual Jewish Playwriting Contest is coming to Boston for the first time this Spring. An international search for the best unpublished Jewish plays, the Contest has vetted 712 plays from 610 writers in 28 states and 9 countries since 2012, and is proud to present this year’s Top 3 for your enjoyment – and judgement.

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Come watch a cast of stellar actors read 20-minute sections from 3 plays, hear Jewish Plays Project Founder David Winitsky share the latest trends, and then use your cell phone to vote on which play should continue on in the Contest. The ultimate winner gets a workshop production for industry leaders in New York as part of JPP’s OPEN: Festival of New Jewish Theater at the 14th Street Y this June.