New Center’s Young Adult Initiative

Prism: a transparent body with two parallel planes that changes whatever is viewed through it.

We are building a community of young adults who come together through programming that uses the arts to explore Jewish culture and its connection to other cultures around the world. This community, called Prism, includes Jewish and non-Jewish participants who are interested in diverse programs that focus on bringing people together.

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Prism offers a variety of programming, including large scale events and smaller, more intimate traveling salon programs. These traveling salons capitalize on the unique resources available in and around Boston by visiting multiple cultural institutions to view exhibitions, films, and art through a Jewish lens.

In May 2009, Prism hosted it’s inaugural program, You Said…WHAAAT?!, an exploration of identity through comedy. Since then programs have included Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen and You Shall Know Us By The Trail Of Our Vinyl.

If you are interested in Prism, or know someone who might be, please join our network.

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Prism is led by an Executive Council that is invested in using arts and culture as a way to engage Jewish young adults.

Prism Executive Council

Lauren Antler

Jillian Bergman

Katie Conolly

Will Corrdin

Brian Fox

Jarrett Goetz

Allison Hammer

Josh Hyman


Misha Katz

Miriam Katz

Beverly Klau

Max Klau

Rita Kraner

Yevgeny Kutik

Meg Levene

Matt Millstein

Ilana Moyer

Naomi Nuta

Lisa Pollack

Becky Rolnick

Emily Scheinberg

Lisa Seidel

Jesse Ulrich

Adrien Uretsky

Jeff Werner