New Center OnStage: Honey & Thorns: A Tribute to Israeli Song



April 29, 2015

Arsenal Center for the Arts 321 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA 02472, USA

$45 / $28 @ 7:30 PM

This concert celebrates Israel’s 67th Independence Day in song. Some joyful, some poignant, some iconic, and some not as well known, these songs reflect the complexity of Israel’s soul.  Featuring young talented Israeli musicians studying in Boston, the concert is organized and narrated by Matti Kovler, a highly accomplished composer-performer. Matti’s work has been commissioned by Tanglewood and Carnegie Hall.  In 2013 he was recognized by the Boston Foundation with the Brother Thomas Fellowship.  Like his other collaborations with the New Center, this concert grows out of Matti’s commitment to establishing the bridges connecting Israeli artists studying in the U.S. to the local Jewish community.

The world is changing, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad but, with the cryptocurrency, it is only the former. This irresistible change that has happened in the financial sector can only mean good to the sector and its patrons like us, who are to be benefited more by this change. The way of the transaction is everything one can ask for and therefore, no wonder the popularity and the acceptance are increasing day by day. From security to privacy to feasibility everything is offered by them and the way of transactions, making it one of the best entities to invest. Out of all the cryptocurrencies available today, the Bitcoin is the king, as it is the source from which the other cryptocurrencies evolved and investing on it would only make sense, substantiated by the following reasons.

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Investing the money in particular asset

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Interest in binary options trading

The QProfit System software is a scam just like 1G Profit, Profits Unlimited and Speed Trader. As per the video on the homepage of the website the creator of this website is Jerry Douglas and launched it in September 2017. This software claims of making huge profits in less time which is not true and has been proved time and again as this also uses similar platform used by lots of other scam sites. All the brokers and agents mentioned in this are unregistered which means that they are not legit. This review at will explain in detail.

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The software makes use of the third party as well and hence service provided by the software may have errors, it might malfunction, might get delayed data and the software cannot control this. If in case you decide to use the third party’s services the negotiation is considered by the user and the third party and the software is not responsible for any loss.

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New Center OnStage: Jewish Playwriting Contest

After stops in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, the 4th annual Jewish Playwriting Contest is coming to Boston for the first time this Spring. An international search for the best unpublished Jewish plays, the Contest has vetted 712 plays from 610 writers in 28 states and 9 countries since 2012, and is proud to present this year’s Top 3 for your enjoyment – and judgement.

No matter wherever you go, you can’t escape the talk about the Bitcoins because such is the popularity of this cryptocurrency, which is slowly raising its position to become the crowned currency of the future. Call it a currency or call it a medium of exchange whatever, but one thing is sure it is one of the best things that has happened to the financial world and therefore, no forgoing of it, whatsoever. Out of all the benefits offered by this cryptocurrency, the best is its security, which is very much needed in this world of scams and hackings. Therefore, investing in this powerful cryptocurrency by using the trading as the means is the sensible way to grow more of it, which can be further convinced by the following significant points.

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Come watch a cast of stellar actors read 20-minute sections from 3 plays, hear Jewish Plays Project Founder David Winitsky share the latest trends, and then use your cell phone to vote on which play should continue on in the Contest. The ultimate winner gets a workshop production for industry leaders in New York as part of JPP’s OPEN: Festival of New Jewish Theater at the 14th Street Y this June.

New Center NOW: Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen

Duck confit latke, anyone? Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen is Boston’s premier Jewish food celebration, exploring the Jewish culinary imagination of the area’s best chefs.

Back for the 6th year, join hundreds at the Back Bay Events Center and enjoy inspired modern updates on traditional Jewish favorites (check out some of these delicious dishes).

The current sensation of the internet and as well as the financial world is the cryptocurrency, to be specific the Bitcoin, which is rumored to become the currency of the future and hence, knowing about is very much essential.

·         Bitcoin, which is the king among the available market, is nothing but a digital currency, which can be either sent electronically or directly peer to peer to anyone, anywhere in this world.

·         Unlike the paper currencies, which are being controlled by the respective government bodies and the accredited financial institutions, the Bitcoin is decentralized, which means no one can have any special control over it as the entire control lies among the entire community of people owning the cryptocurrency, aka the Bitcoin here.

·         You can send money to whomever you want in this world but, all such transactions will be duly monitored and recorded in the blockchain, which is nothing but a network of decentralized computers. Remember, only the relevant transaction details and not the details of the issuer or the receiver would be recorded, thus ensuring the privacy all the times.

·         Only the respective person holding the key to the funds can access it thus, making it more secure, unlike the current monetary transactions.

Thus, all these unique properties of the Bitcoin have instantly resulted in its popularity urging everyone to engage in the trading of the cryptocurrency to reap more benefits. That too with the availability of the automated trading system like the Bitcoin Code the objective has only become more feasible and to know how please read full review

Sample beer, wine, cider, and rum, stop by the Kitchen Conversations booth to share your favorite food story, and taste the creative twists on Jewish fare from some of Boston’s top chefs and vendors.

2015 Chefs and Restaurants Include:

Tony Maws of Craigie on Main

Michael Leviton of Lumière

Josh Ziskin of La Morra

Jim Solomon of The Fireplace

Josh Brooks of Catalyst

Mei Li of
Mei Mei Street Kitchen

Dave Punch of Sycamore

Avi Shemtov of
The Chubby Chickpea

Alex Khitrik of Inna’s Kitchen

Steven Peljovich of
Michael’s Deli

Chris Hallahan ofKitchensurfing

Ganei Beantown

Kitchen Kibitz

Robin Cohen of Doves & Figs

State Park

Neely Cohen of Vicuña Chocolate

Bantam Cider

Gubba Rum

Notch Brewing

James DiSabitino of Roxy’s Grill Cheese


Listing Requirements For Exchange

Significant returns that you get when you trade forex is by having a leverage. When you are trading forex, you are actually borrowing the first currency from the pair of currencies to buy or sell the seconds currency. The market makes US$ 5 trillion a day, and the liquidity is so deep that the liquidity providers like big banks will allow the investors to trade with a leverage. Trade with leverage means that you simply need to set aside a required margin of your trade size. By doing so the traders will get more exposure and keep your capital investment down. You can click here to see how this software does forex trading.

Exchanges With Respect To Trading

It is also known as an organized market. Exchange can be referred to as a marketplace where you can trade financial instruments, commodities, securities, and derivatives.The fundamental duty of an exchange is to ensure that the trading happens in an orderly manner as well as in a fair way. Along with this, the exchange also has to make sure that for any securities being traded, the distribution of information regarding the price on that exchange is efficient. Exchanges give a platform to the companies and governments as well as other groups to sell securities to the public who wish to do investments.

Understanding Exchange In Detail

As mentioned above exchange is a marketplace. This can be a physical location where the traders meet and carry out business. An exchange can also be an electronic platform as well. The platform can be also referred to as a share exchange or bourse which depends on the geographical location. Exchanges can be located in any part of the world in most of the countries. More prominent places where the exchange is present are New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, the London Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

What Are Electronic Exchanges

Since the trade market is becoming more and more sophisticated, the trading is being conducted on electronic exchanges. Without the necessity of members to be on a centralized trading floor, the exchanges themselves are able to ensure fair trading. As seen in the year 2016, less than 15% of the overall volume of stocks traded on the United States’ floor of NYSE.

Listing Requirements For Exchange

For any company or group who wishes to offer securities for trading, each exchange has certain listing requirements. Some exchanges are firmer than the others. However, the basic requirements for stock exchanges include:

  • Regular financial reports.
  • Minimum Capital Requirement.
  • Audited earning reports.


Spot Trading In Detail

The trading that happens between a buyer and a seller directly is known as over-the-counter markets. Managing the liquidity is one of the benefits that exchanges gain from this. The risk involved is a possibility that one party not completing the trade is lowered due to this. In over-the-counter market, exchanges provide complete transparency to the traders and also follows the current market price. This is one side of the advantage of over-the-counter market. On the other hand, the common rules of an exchange market are necessarily not followed by over-the-counter markets. This allows buyers and sellers to create contracts that are nonstandard. It can also include the unpublished price of the products. This comes under spot trading as well since they are done on the spot.

Spot Trading In Detail

Selling and purchasing financial instruments, foreign currencies, and commodity which is to be delivered immediately is a known as spot trading. There is the physical delivery of currency, commodity or instrument in spot contracts.

One of the most common types of trading is Foreign Exchange spot contracts. These contracts are usually for delivery within two business days even though most other financial instruments settle the next business day. Electronic networks are used throughout the world for spot foreign exchange market trade like this. With over $5 trillion traded every day, this is one of the largest markets in the world. Because of its size interest rates and commodity markets a small.

Understanding Spot Forex

Spot forex market is another word for spot trading.With the exception of U.S. dollar vs the Canadian dollar that is settled the next business day itself, after the execution of the trade, most spot currency trades settle within two business days. If in case there are holidays that coincide with the settling day, in this case, the settlement days will be more than two calendar days after the execution of the trade. Especially during the holiday seasons like Christmas and Easter seasons. A valid business day in both currencies is considered for settlement date. There is a credit risk between the two parties since generally the money changes hands on the settlement date.

Commonly Traded Currencies

The euro versus the U.S. dollars are the most traded currency pairs. Next comes the U.S. dollar vs the Japanese yen pair. There are also cross currencies which are the pair of currencies that do not include U.S. dollars. Some of the common cross currency pairs are; euro vs the yen or euro vs the British pound.

Pros using binary options

Trading is the word which has become very popular in past years and there are many developments going on in this process such as finding software’s, robots and linking them with brokers. There are many robots in the market and every robot has different standards some are too good in their working and some are at their worst. A person who wanted to start trading without any knowledge will face problems as they will be trusting every review online and every random person who speaks about trading which is a risk to their money.

On my research, I found there are many robots and some of them are a scam and many people had lost their money by trusting these fake software or robots. But after my complete research I found a page called top 7 binary option robot which is very useful to new or experienced traders their reviews about binary options available in the market are very genuine, the main aim of this site is to prevent traders to become a victim of scam and throw their light on legit and trustworthy ones. They understand the importance of the information that they are providing on their site and they are very accurate and precise about that.

You need not be a financier or to have a degree in economics to do trading it is very simple using the automated robots that are available in the market. The steps I would suggest to choose a robot are:

  • Choose a reliable and trustworthy robot after doing research
  • Open free account to test them and divert risk away from you
  • If you are confident enough then start to deposit and trade

The main motive to create the automated robots to perform trade is to give a chance of trading to novices without any risk or trouble. These robots perform trades continuously till you turn off auto-pilot mode. You can give a predetermined set of rules to this automated system to avoid risk and number of trades to be performed in a day.

Pros using binary options:

  • Payouts will be high and constant
  • Skip the learning curve
  • User-friendly
  • Can be used by novices and experienced
  • No decisions are taken emotionally
  • Lot of time will be saved from research


  • Investigation should be done to find a legit robot
  • Market is so occupied with frauds and scam
  • Sometimes it is hard to reach customer support.

To know more about legit software see this.

New Center OnSTAGE: The Moo Shu Jew Show



Back for a fourth year by popular demand, this Meshugganah show was created for Jews to enjoy on Christmas Eve — where else, but in a Chinese Restaurant?  Join us for an evening of Jewish inspired stand-up comedy along with dinner (no shellfish, no pork!).

As slowly the world has started realizing the power of the Bitcoins, more people are interested in owning and growing it to enjoy a solid financial future. What better way than the trading is available to grow your Bitcoins that too when you have the support of the technology to achieve it effortlessly and flawlessly! Yes, there are many automated cryptocurrency trading systems available these days, which can do the accurate trading on your behalf and only gain the profitability, all the times! But, beware of the scammers, who are desperate to loot your money, for which the following significant suggestions can help you greatly.

  • Look for the reviews

Any system, especially that claims to be so popular should have at least the backing of its few followers, which you should never hesitate to confirm before deciding to accept its services. The authentic review sites of the internet world are only there to help you regarding this, which you should utilize to discover the authenticity of your interested platform.


  • Money should never be the motto

Although both the automated cryptocurrency trading services and you are here to earn money, it should never be at the cost of the other, which happens when the service is a shady one. Therefore, check if the service is whether keen about your money or keen on helping you grow your cryptocurrency investments and if it is the former then, better to stay away from it, forever!


  • Transparency

The service that you choose to realize your cryptocurrency trading ambitions should be transparent about their policies and procedures so that you could decide the best for you.


  • Customer support

If a service is keen about addressing your concerns anytime then, they would function with a dedicated Customer Support service, which is certainly a cue for you to understand that the service and its system are the authentic ones, always!

Wondering if such a system exists? Go on to read full review to discover yourselves!

PARKING INFORMATION: Chinatown Garage – CLICK HERE for more info! ADDRESS: 125 Lincoln St, Boston, MA 02111 Entrance: 86 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111 Enter after 5 PM for $12 Parking. CLICK HERE for a Google Map of other parking lots in the area.  Moo-Shu-MenuComedians

What is the best bet to make money

Online trading is not something new. We have seen it for many years. What is new; are the strategy used and the various instruments that have come along. Online trading has its own merits and demerits. They are obviously easy to use since they give the comfort of trading from anywhere and at any time.

With online trading made available, forex trading and binary trading options have taken prominence. They are the most traded ones since there are various privileges comparatively.

Forex trading and binary trading options basically are time and geographic free. They are available 24*7 and can be done from any nook and corner of the globe. They have the potential to get great returns unlike the equity trading, which takes a longer time to give great returns. There is one similarity with equity trading, that it is risky and volatile.

Talking about volatile we can say bitcoin beats all of them. Bitcoin is one of the most trending trading options now, giving, multifold returns, in fact, whopping numbers that can make anyone fall for it.

The surge is so high that the demand has been increasing excessively leaving no choice but to soar the prices of the bitcoin held, making the investors wealthier. Have you ever thought about investing in bitcoin? Well, it needs close researching and analysis. As we said, it’s already soaring high, the sooner you leave the better.

So, what is the best bet to make money, keeping the risks on an average? Binary trading!! So, which platform is good?

This is the biggest challenge that has to be solved and sorted out. There are many platforms and software’s out there in the market, to assist you in the binary trading. But not all are really true, they are fake ones, and you will know only after entering in. that means you have already lost the battle.

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